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Antonia Sautter
Antonia Sautter, in whose veins runs German blood from her father's side and Venetian blood from her mother's side, derived her complex soul from her travelling ancestors. Noblewoman and merchant, she loves to create and invent new feats which have made her, over the last twenty years or so, one of the leading entrepreneurs in her home city.

She started to take her first steps in the world of fashion when she was very young. A t just 23 she was the Sole Director of the Italian office of "Venezia Mode", one of the leading companies in the distribution of Made in Italy fashion in the USA and she spent much time in New York as coordinator between Italy and the US. She came back to Italy and specialised in prestigious Fashion Houses until she felt ready to open her Atelier in Venice and start her own line Fashion Venetia.
Antonia Sautter's style originates from the combination of precious materials and great creativity, from the making of velvets and silks that she dyes and prints by hand, in a thousand shades in order to realise a product which does not bow to the fashion of the moment, but where history and modernity, tradition and discovery fuse together in perfect harmony.

The step from here to the organisation of corporate events is very short: from Allianz Assicurazioni to Orient Express, from Trafelet Delta Funds to Océ Deutschland Gmbh, from  Casinò di Venezia to YSL Beautè and l' Oreal, just to mention some during the last year. Her events are a must for the most important Press, newspapers and television stations in Europe and the world, which vie for the exclusive each time.

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