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Saturday, 6th February 2016

Palazzo Pisani Moretta

The most exclusive masquerade ball of the Venice Carnival 2016

“…each and every year we face the challenge to renew the Dream. Inside of an enchanted dimension, in whichtime is magically suspended, my costumes are telling of those that wear them, a story in which fantasy and desire take form, if only for a night”

Antonia Sautter

Pisani Moretta, an historic and majestic palace on the Grand Canal, home to the past 22 editions of what is by all considered the quintessential Venetian Masked Ball, will re-open its portals on Saturday, February 6, 2016 in order to depict in all its splendor the renewed magic of Il Ballo del Doge, the most famous and coveted masked ball in the world.
An event ardently desired by all those guests who every year eagerly confirm their presence and who enthusiastically await to know the theme of this year’s new Dream: designed and created for them by Antonia Sautter.

Every year brings a new theme, along with its idiosyncratic costumes and outfits. Each and every scenic nuance, every ray of light and melody and the movement of each artist shall be a reflection of this original and unique realisation of the dream project.

This year Antonia Sautter has chosen The Secret Gardens of Dreams as the theme of the XXIII edition of Il Ballo del Doge “Oniricum, Immaginarium, Desiderium”. Three gardens, three worlds that will envelope the guests with once in a lifetime sensations, with memories of forgotten dreams and of emotions that you intimately desire will never end.

At ground level Oniricum, the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Creation, of an Innocence perhaps lost, perhaps never existent, the nature of which will surround the Guests in Nature’s mystical aura and in the harmony of Primordial Creation.

On the first floor Immaginarium, the Garden of Memories, representing a nostalgia of precious moments past that lie slumbering in the corners of our memory, enchanted occasions in a charmed attic where children’s games will be animated to the sound of an ancient melody. A Barrel Organ, an old Carousel, horses and chimes. A pretty and graceful Ballerina with a sparkly tutu, a Ring Muster with his puppets along with many other characters will invite guests to dive with them into a magical world to be experienced through the eyes of that child that is hidden in the heart of each and every one of us. Ready to be surprised, bewitched… ..emotionally kidnapped…

On the second floor Desiderium, The Garden of Forbidden Dreams. Seduction, veiled Transgression. elegant Sensuality as told by the most famous of libertines, the legendary Giacomo Casanova.

Many people through their lives leave us with a vivid impression, Antonia Sautter has the ability to enchant us with our dreams. Of what substance will be the next?