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Welcome to my world!

Through my veins German blood flows from my father’s side and Venetian from my mother’s; I inherited from my ancestors a restless and in constant research soul.

Mine is the never-ending journey of a dreamy merchant artisan in my native city, Venice.

“…somnio ergo sum.”



Once her studies in foreign languages and literatures at Ca’ FoscariUniversity in Venice are completed, Antonia Sautter moves, at a very young age, to New York where she starts working in the fashion industry, becoming the sole administrator of the Italian offices of “Venezia Moda”, one of the the leading companies in the distribution of Made in Italy in the United States.

After coming back to Venice, Antonia becomes an entrepreneur creating her Atelier and launching the fashion line Venetia, which later evolves into Antonia Sautter Creations & Events.

Her professional experience and relentless search for beauty lead Antonia to develop an innovative concept of luxury events founded upon the fantastic: Stories, Costumes and Theatrical design, all entirely orchestrated through her artistic innovation.

In 1994 Antonia’s systematic research results in her creating Il Ballo del Doge ®, an international Gala event of the Venice Carnival, described by Vanity Fair as “the most sumptuous and exclusive, famous and coveted social event in the world”.

The idea was born from an encounter between the designer and Terry Jones, historical member of the Monty Python team, who was in Venice working on a BBC documentary about the Crusades. Antonia, fascinated by this journey in time, in her Venice, was assigned to coordinate the troupe organization and the costume and scenic designs for the television shoot. From this the notion of recreating a magical concept of elegance from ages past arose in her mind in the shape of Il Ballo del Doge.

Her passion for the creative arts, costume history, fabrics and ancient manufacturing techniques, combined with her love for fine craftsmanship have made Antonia an Italian Icon famous and renowned all over the world. In 1999 she was selected by Stanley Kubrick to be the creator of the masks used in his cinematic masterpiece: Eyes wide shut.

The acknowledgments and awards Antonia has received by cultural institutions and private companies are numerous. In 2011 she is honoured with the honoris causa degree in “Entrepreneurship and Events management” at the European Institute of International Management of Paris, in 2012. With the Venetian of the Year award for “commitment in promoting and spreading with vivacious uniqueness at an international level the image of Venice and of the territory”. During the same year she is appointed the highly prestigious “Cavaliere della RepubblicaItaliana”, award bestowed to “reward merits acquired towards the Nation in the fields of literature, arts and economy”.

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