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A tale of haute couture made in Italy

“Every day of my life is dedicated to the search for beauty and harmony, with my meticulous care for every detail”

Antonia Sautter

The Atelier Antonia Sautter in Venice is the center of couturier activity, dedicated to period costumes, to bespoke fashion clothing and accessories conceived for all those who, even if attentive and creative, do not bow to fashion trends and seek the unique as their style.

The fabrics and brocades used in our production are drawn, printed and made by hand at the Atelier in the historical center of Venice, just a few steps away from St. Mark’s square.

The craftsmanship of the whole process preserves the authenticity of the production techniques for the velvets, damasks, brocades and Venetian silks. Because of such painstaking attention to detail the bags, shoes, scarves, kimonos and the fashion accessories become unique pieces, available only at the Boutique in the center of Venice, just minutes away from St. Marks’s square. Furthermore it has to be emphasised that all items can be personalized and shipped all over the world.

“Fashion’s big names that crowd into the nearby street seem as if they evaporate in front of the dreamlike opulence of diligently handcrafted creations”

La Repubblica