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A tale of Venetian masquerade costumes
and evening gowns

“Fabric is my passion! Its texture, its color, the overall sensorial aura…

The Atelier is a mandatory stop for those who want to live Venice not just as tourists but as collectors of emotions”

Antonia Sautter

The Atelier Antonia Sautter is situated in the historical center of Venice, an enchanted dimension populated by costumes, masks, headpieces, jewels, accessories, feathers, ribbons and wigs.

The precious fabrics at the workshop, the sartorial details, the rich prints, the exquisite embroideries and the chromatic combinations tell of Antonia Sautter’s passion for the artisan tradition re-elaborated by her sumptuous inclination.

At the Atelier guests can discover, other than the fashion line, the extraordinary and spectacular period costumes taylor made for Il Ballo del Doge. In addition to the 1.200 costumes available for hire in her Atelier, Antonia Sautter designs and manufactures taylormade costumes on purpose for those customers who want to buy their own exclusive piece to collect in their prestigious wardrobe.


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Many are the costumes made for theatre and movie productions such as the 400 sumptuous designs seen in the French movie “Vivaldi, un Prince a Venise” interpreted by Michel Serrault and Stefano Dionisi.

Antonia Sautter also supplied many of the masks for Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece“Eyes Wide Shut”, whose images remain sculpted in the history of cinema.