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Luxury Venetian Carnival costumes

“The costume fitting is an exciting and unforgettable experience, really unique.”

Antonia Sautter

“I’m not a Queen, but if the crown fits….”

At the Atelier Antonia Sautter more than 1200 creations are kept: period costumes that cross history from the middle ages to the 1920s and stage costumes born from Antonia Sautter’s dream-like fantasy, especially created for the artists over a period spanning more than 20 editions of Il Ballo del Doge.
Unique pieces marked by the unmistakable style of the designer. Their history and style blending and cavorting with each other.

To pick, try and wear a costume is an exciting experience during which beauty and tradition, magic and splendor alternate and where time is suspended. A magical moment of which the Guest will forever remember the emotions they lived.